What is Motion Capture?

Motion Capture (also referred to as mo-cap or mocap) is the process of digitally record the movement of people. It is used in entertainment, sports, medical applications, ergonomics and robotics. In film-making and game development, it refers to recording actions of actors for animations or visual effects. A famous example of a movie with lots of motion capture technology is Avatar. When it includes full body, face and fingers or captures subtle expressions, it is also referred to as performance capture.

Motion Capture Products

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Market leading mocap tools for film, games, and education.

Movement Science

Flexible, easy-to-use human movement analysis tools.

Virtual Reality

Low latency, wide area VR tracking for CAVEs, HMDs and Arenas.


The Human Machine Interaction in Action.

Inspired by The Greatest Showman film, Etisalat wanted an exuberant presenter who could be a futuristic “showman” for the crowd, wowing them with dance moves and singing while also sharing potential use cases for 5G tech. UPP Advertising worked closely with the client and partners to decide on a look for the robotic showman, who needed to have a soul and personality, but they ultimately decided not to do a full-CG commercial.

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