Xsens DOT


Xsens DOT is a state-of-the-art development platform for the analysis and reporting of human kinematics. The platform features high-accuracy wearable inertial sensors, an easy-to-integrate SDK.



1. The Xsens DOT sensor is small & lightweight for portability, with a quick set-up..
2. The IP68 water-resistant and long battery life…
3. You can use the Xsens DOT sensor as a standalone device or connect with multiple sensors for more accuracy complex mocap data..
4. DOT is flexible,reliable, water resistance and easy to integrate with any device…


Other Development

  • Health(rehebilitation), Sport, Education and Reasearch & Development.
  • Development Kit
    • Xsens DOT SDK (Android & IOS)…
    • Xsens DOT App (Android & IOS)…
    • Xsens DOT exporter (Windows & MacOS)…


Kinexyz (ORYX Movement Solutions)



  • KineXYZ is an application development tool that enables all kinds of creative developers to build 3D interactive systems that use combinations of motion tracking sensors to capture and process movements of people, animals or other flexible structures.




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