Xsens Gloves

The next era of full body performance capture


Manus VR and Xsens have opened up the door to true full body performance capture. With the plug-and-play Manus VR Gloves and the easy-to-use Xsens motion capture systems animating hands has never been easier.




Seamless integration



Xsens provides native support for the Manus VR Gloves into their MVN Animate and MVN Analyze motion capture software. You can now record and view your actors’ finger motions directly into MVN Animate & Analyze, making the process of adding finger movement to your 3D animations easier, more lifelike and more cost-effective.

See how easy it is to use the Manus VR Gloves with MVN »


VR – Xsens Edition includes:



One pair of Manus VR Gloves (left and right)
Long-range wireless dongle
Two Micro-USB charging cablesSoftware
2019 Apollo Xsens License (1 pc)
MVN Animate & MVN Analyze Plugin (1 pc)

Support for the Xsens hardware and software by Xsens
Support for the Manus VR hardware and software by Manus VR
Full service hardware warranty: 12 months*



The ultimate realtime mocap tool.


Manus VR and Xsens offer the ultimate real time mocap tools.
Whether it’s for live entertainment such as Vtubers or large scale movie productions, our solutions offer complete freedom in motion capture.

See some of our use cases here.







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