Xsens MVN Analyze

Xsens motion capture solution including the proprietary MVN Analyze software. MVN Analyze is a Full-body human measurement system based on inertial sensors, biomechanical models, and sensor fusion algorithms. Easy to use, short setup time and instant validated data output. The system can be used anywhere.

Xsens MVN Analyze

Optimized for use in research, sports science, ergonomics and rehabilitation

  • Real-time Kinematics. Validated
  • Magnetic Immune
  • Use anywhere


Xsens motion capture can be used everywhere, in the studio, in the office or on set.

Magnetic immune

Xsens is the only inertial motion capture provider with full magnetic immunity in all conditions.

Validated Data

Xsens motion capture gives you validated data to ensure highest quality motion analysis.

MVN Analyze gives you Lab quality motion capture in field conditions.

Xsens tailored both hardware and software of the Xsens MVN systems to ensure real-time, reliable and accurate human motion analysis. Xsens’ tiny motion trackers are able to capture the smallest twitches to high dynamic movements on-body ensuring full 3D motion analysis. Dedicated signal pipelines take care of real-time and robust data connections. The proven MVN Analyze biomechanical model and sensor fusion algorithms ensure the highest quality motion analysis, even in challenging magnetically disturbed environments.

Xsens MVN Analyze Highlights

  • Full magnetic immunity
  • Validated motion capture data
  • Easy synchronization with third party systems
  • Instant 3D kinematic graphs
  • Use on the field, in the lab, at the desk, on the work floor, everywhere
  • Easy setup and calibration
  • Wearable and easy to get changed


MVN Animate is Xsens’ proprietary motion capture software.
It is used in conjunction with Xsens MVN hardware to capture the motions and stream or export it to your 3D package.

More about MVN Analyze!

MVN Analyze is our proprietary software package optimized for use in research, sports science, ergonomics and rehabilitation. Delivering validated data in heavily magnetically distorted environments. 

MVN Analyze features

 Intuitive software interface
 Calibration routines
 Scalable biomechanical model
 Record and playback
 Sync setup
 Supports up to 4 hardware setups

HD Reprocessor

After recording your data, you can process the data using the HD Reprocessor. The Animate Engine then upgrades the data and gives you the most accurate data possible.

The HD Reprocessor raises the data to the unprecedented production quality motion capture data Xsens is known for in the market. It does so by extracting more information from the same data set. It enables MVN Animate to process data over a larger time window to get the best quality out of your mocap shoot.

MVN Analyze includes

  • Real-time:
    • 3D animation
    • Graphs
    • Data streaming
    • Video
  • 3D Output:
    • Joint angles
    • Segment kinematics
    • Segment global positions
    • Body center of mass
    • Sensor data
  • Export formats:
    • ASCII (XML)
    • C3D
    • BVH, FBX
    • Movie (AVI, M4V)

Integration options available for:


The Xsens MVN product line has two hardware versions (MVN Link and MVN Awinda) with their own characteristics.
The difference between the two versions is shown in this overview:

MVN Awinda

MVN Link




Placing straps MVN Awinda


Xsens Video Tutorials


Aalborg University

 Agile motion capture in the Post23 office 

Measuring low back biomechanics

Using Xsens MVN Awinda to research low back biomechanics during beer keg handling 

Sports Insight

How Xsens improves human performance and reduces sports injuries at Sports Insight 


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